The Value of Team Work


As part of one of the biggest aged care reforms of recent times, the introduction of My Aged Care in QLD in July 2015 has brought many changes and challenges for clients, service providers and staff taking on new roles in the workforce to deliver the assessments for older people living in the community. Footprints, as well as being a service provider, is part of a Consortium in the Partners 4 Health Regional Assessment Service (RAS) Team. Along with six other organisations (BallyCara, IUIH, GOC Care, Co-As-IT, Communify) we deliver holistic assessments to clients who come through the My Aged Care Gateway requiring CHSP services.

Across the consortium, we are also able to support people with a variety of backgrounds, special needs and language requirements. Being a service provider also keeps us up to date with the latest industry knowledge and assists in professional networking. The potential issue of a conflict of interest (assessors referring clients to their own organisations or only organisations within the consortium), is closely monitored and we often do assessments outside of our service provider catchment area, further minimising this potential risk.

We have found the consortium model to be very valuable for a variety of reasons. At Footprints the majority of staff have a dual role. Each organisation within the consortium has several assessors and a Team Leader which enables flexibility to respond in a timely manner to the ebbs and flows of referrals. We feel this is a strength as we are all service providers with experience in aged care. We also have an Occupational Therapist, Clinical Nurse and a Social Worker providing RAS assessments, as well as several other qualified staff who are very experienced in the aged care sector.

A key characteristic of the Partners 4 Health RAS service model has been the collaborative effort and open and supportive approach of all consortium members. The consortium continues to foster a cooperative and performance-orientated culture. 

We meet regularly as a team, catching up by teleconference once a week and attend a face-to-face meeting once a month. All partnering organisations have actively participated and contributed to RAS meetings and worked to ensure a shared vision for better client outcomes and focus on quality. A RAS Assessor information session is scheduled once a month for Home Support Assessors from any RAS organisation to come and hear about different service providers and has been a valuable resource in assisting us to expand our knowledge of services and groups that may be valuable for our clients.

At Footprints, staff retention has been very good which in itself is testament to the value of this model given the changes and challenges staff have faced. Quality is paramount and a variety of measures are in place to ensure staff continue to learn and review their practice to ensure clients receive assistance in a timely, professional and caring way. The consortium model has been recognised by the department for its attributes and we feel will lead the way for future RAS Teams to aspire to.

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