Social Housing and Tenancy Support (SHouT)


Project Introduction

As part of the 18 month (Jan ’16 – June ’17) Mental Health Demonstration Project (MHDP), Footprints through it’s SHouT team will be providing short term (4 month) psycho-social and tenancy support to eligible social housing tenants residing within the Chermside and Fortitude Valley Housing Service Centre (HSC) catchments who have consented  to participate in the project. The project is led by the Department of Housing & Public Works (DHPW) with Queensland Health, Mental Health; Royal Brisbane and Prince Charles catchments (MNMH-RBWH & TPCH) and Footprints providing clinical and non-clinical mental health support respectively.

Project Aim

The project aims to promote fairness in social housing for tenants who experience mental illness, mental health or wellbeing issues, or related complex needs whose capacity to maintain their tenancy maybe compromised. Objectively, the project members (DHPW, MNMH & Footprints) seek to support tenants address challenges that place their tenancies at risk and/or provide early intervention support in maintaining sustainable housing.

Project Participants

Project participants are those who hold a long term social housing tenancy agreement, or are an approved social housing occupant over 18 years of age. In the context of this project, social housing relates to stock managed directly by DHPW, as well as community housing providers managing long term tenancies. Participants must reside within the Chermside and Fortitude Valley HSC catchment areas. 

Additionally participants must be experiencing difficulty sustaining their tenancy because of mental illness or related complex needs and/or at risk of losing their tenancy due to lack of support to assist them with their mental health concerns or related complex needs.

Project Referral Pathways

With the project focusing on vulnerable social housing tenants, and led by DHPW, all referrals must originate from DHPW. However pathways into the project do exist. If a Tenant wishes to be considered for the project, they can either contact their HSC or community housing provider directly, and/or if supported in the community and they preferred, they could suggest the agency, family member or friend contact their HSC or community housing provider. DHPW will then appraise the request which may result in an initial interview, assisting the decision making process.

SHouT Team

In providing client led, recovery orientated, psycho-social and tenancy support, the SHouT team meets with DHPW and MNMH on a fortnightly basis to review existing participants as well as introduce new referrals. Operational aspects of the project are also discussed providing opportunities for continuous improvement and/or refinement of project processes. The team comprises of six team members; a case manager, two recovery workers and 2-3 peer recovery workers. This affords the participant with multi-dimensional in-home support that encompasses professional, personal and lived experience of mental illness. The team focuses on supporting the participant develop and action their own plan. In actioning any plan the SHouT team may, in responding to the participants identified needs and consent, introduce appropriate ongoing supports that can assist the participant sustain their tenancy as well as manage their health and/or other needs.   

Further Information

If you are interested in discussing the project further and/or Footprints involvement, please feel free to contact Stephen Hawkins; Team Leader, SHouT Team on 3252 3488 or  

  • 24 Light Street Fortitude Valley Qld 4006
    PO Box 735 New Farm 4005
  • (07) 3252 3488
  • ABN 15 100 277 492


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