In My Life I Want To...

What is it about sharing our goals publicly?

In My Life I Want To...

Following Footprints In Brisbane Inc’s mission to connect with their community, they have created a public blackboard wall to provide a learning of how to be open with our own vulnerabilities so that we can form connections with other human beings. 

Thanks to passionate people around the world, 539 Black Board  walls have been created in 72 countries and stenciled in 36 languages.  In a mission to connect our community,  Footprints’ will host Brisbane’s first blackboard.

The public,  yet anonymous wall is an honest mess of the longing, pain, joy, insecurity, gratitude, fear and wonder you find in any neighbourhood.

Its purpose is to provide an opportunity for the community to share more with one another.

The project is entitled “In My Life’’, and encourages community members to fill in the blank.  The responses may range from;

In My Life I want to travel to Cuba.
In My Life  I will teach more kids to read and write their own books.
In My Life  I want everyone to see the world differently.
In My Life  I want to conquer uncomfortable situations.

Once the blackboard wall is filled, the board is washed with water and re started with a clean slate again. Much like in real life, it symbolizes that you can start again, by wiping the slate clean.

“There is a strength in sharing our dreams.  People’s dreams make you feel inspired and tear up, they can console you during your toughest times. It is a powerful tool to restore perspective and remind ourselves of what’s important.” says, Cherylee Treloar, CEO Footprints.


The 1st Black Board is on the side building at

Footprints, 105 Commercial Road, Newstead. Accessible from Friday 15th May.


The blackboard will be launched on Thursday 14th May 5pm – 6pm,

onsite at 105 Commercial Road, Newstead. Footprints Building.

An official invitation will follow.



The blackboard  is an interactive public art project that invites people to share their aspirations in a public space. The original blackboard was created by artist Candy Chang in February 2011 in her neighbourhood in New Orleans.

Great ideas are worth sharing.


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