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Compulsive hoarding has been defined as a distinct mental health disorder within theDSM V. Hoarding & Squalor (H&S) are extremely complex and challenging issues, affecting 2-4% of any given population. H&S issues are persistent in nature and often, in isolated and marginalised populations, develop for years before they are detected. Of those diagnosed with compulsive hoarding, 50% have other comorbid psychiatric conditions.

H&S is a unique housing specific issue and repeatedly leads to breaches, risk of tenancy, and homelessness. Evidence that H&S is directly impacting housing within the Metro North Brisbane (MNB) region is evident by the recent inclusion of H&S in the highly collaborative Homeless Community Action Plan that seeks to prevent and reduce homelessness.

The Brisbane Hoarding and Squalor Working Group and Case Coordination Group have been established as a priority under the Homeless Community Action Plan. Participation within these groups, from a diverse range of stakeholders, and concern shown from various industries including emergency services, signifies the severity of H&S and demonstrates a strong interest in growing collective knowledge to develop shared and effective interventions.

Ground-breaking research into the impacts of H&S on communities has been conducted in San Francisco as part of the ‘Beyond Overwhelmed’ report which consulted individuals with H&S behaviours, key service providers and landlords. Successful treatment approaches within the United States are offered by CBT therapists, with specialist training in the treatment of compulsive hoarding.

Recently, the Brisbane H&S Working Group, through funding provided by Metro North Brisbane Partners in Recovery, has completed a research project within North Brisbane. This project was informed by the research from the United States and delivered clinical and community training, conducted research into the prelevance, gaps and services within North Brisbane and ran a successful treatment group, Buried in Treasures. Footprints played a pivotal role in the application for the project along with the delivery of training and Buried in Treasures group.  

Footprints will continue to deliver training and the Buried in Treasures group within Brisbane and will continue to participate in networking with Brisbane and endeavour to close the service delivery gap.

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