Client and Volunteer Feedback

What Footprints volunteers say:

  • When I was volunteering at other organisations, I always tried to work really hard and gave 110% but I felt really disheartened by the way I didn’t feel appreciated. But I love coming to Footprints.  The clients are wonderful and say things that brighten my day.  The staff appreciate me.  It is really good to know that you’re always recognised for your hard work and commitment to the organisation.  It is why I have been coming a long time and I plan to keep coming.
  • It’s my way of giving back… Clients really appreciate it when you remember how they have their tea or coffee or what they can eat.  We have a lot of fun and laughs.
  • [Volunteering at Footprints] always brings me a smile.  I feel like I make a real difference. I always feel appreciated - they [staff and clients] always thank me. 
  • It’s very good here [at Footprints], everyone is happy.  I love the clients, volunteers and staff - we learn from each other.  You feel good when you do something for others. 
  • I truly feel part of the place and just love the clients as we all learn from each other.  The Staff acknowledge us as part of the team and that is a gift in itself...The reward for me, is knowing that at the end of each day, I might have made a difference.
  • It is not much that we do, but if every person did that much, 1 day a month, we wouldn’t have half the issues in society that we have. 

  • When talking to some of the homeless guys, and hearing they could be in that situation from just one bad decision, it is a reality check for us. 

  • Thank you for the opportunity.  I appreciated the professionalism, formal interview process and training.  It has been a very supportive, friendly and rewarding experience.  I was telling my Mum recently I wake up happier and more motivated coming to Footprints than when I was going to my paid job.  

  • My experience here has been very good.  I have learned a lot and had great experience in a short time.  I have go a lot more out of it than I thought and am excited about my future volunteering here.  

  • [Volunteering with Footprints was] fantastic – I am so glad I did it and could be a part of it.  The support was always there and staff were very approachable, on hand and checked in with me after every shift.  Training was good and helped me to understand the kind of clients Footprints sees and what we could encounter.  The coverage of emotional as well as physical health in training was great – I had never encountered that before.  

What Footprints clients say about volunteers:

  • We feel very grateful the volunteers help with no financial reward, some have been coming for many years.  We always try to remember to thank the volunteers.
  • Volunteers HELP!  Due to my health problems I don’t have my license any more.  I miss the social interaction and get lonely.  I love to just go for a drive somewhere to have fish and chips or to go to the park [with Footprints].  I don’t get enough of that.  When volunteers help I can go out more. 
  • Sometimes you don’t realise they aren’t being paid – they put up with a lot, but they don’t seem to mind.
  • Before I started coming to Footprints I never lasted more than a 12 months at any other place.  I have been here for 9 years now and everyone here is like family, the clients, the staff and the volunteers.  They worry about me and I worry about them.  I take it really hard when they leave, but that’s life.  

  • Volunteers are priceless – they are very important.  They lighten the load of the staff and help with activities to make sure the staff get lunch.        



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